DARA TRADE is accepting applications from traders to learn to trade with our new Decision-Aiding-Robo-Advisors (D.A.R.A.) Ivo Luhse and his associates will train a small group of traders, over 8 weeks, his Algo trading concepts. You will be thought everything you need to know to trade using the latest trading bots. Prior experience in trading will be considered but is not necessary. Applicants should have good computer skills.

The cost of the 8-Week training is $594.00

Additionally, there is a cost of $99.00 per month for DARA software (5 trading bots).

To apply for the next class starting Thursday 9th MAY 2019 click the button bellow and fill out the application form (applications close Monday 6th MAY 2019)


What DARA Traders Say about the Course 🖥

Course Contents 📝

DARA Algo Turtles Training course consists of eight (90-minute) Live interactive online training sessions (Zoom webinars) held once a week on Thursdays. The sessions are recorded and are yours to keep for life.

WEEK 1 - Getting started with DARA 🤖
Welcome & setup your bots
WEEK 2 - Mastermind 💡
Laying the Foundation of your Financial Independence
WEEK 3 - Strategies 📈 Satoshi DARA
Learn to trade Japanese Candlestick trading patterns with Satoshi DARA on End-of-the-Day charts.
WEEK 4 - Strategies 📈 Sentiment DARA
Learn to identify Strong and Weak currencies using Sentiment DARA.
WEEK 5 - Strategies 📈 Satoko DARA
Learn to trade Japanese Candlestick trading patterns with Satoko DARA on Intra-day charts.
WEEK 6 - Strategies 📈 Crypto DARA
Learn to trade Japanese Candlestick patterns with Crypto DARA on Crypto-Currencies.
WEEK 7 - Strategies 📈 False Break DARA
Learn to trade False break patterns (fake-outs) with False Break DARA.
WEEK 8 - Finishing school 🎓
Putting everything together ready for Live Trading.

5 DARA Bots 🤖 your 5 Trading Partners

You will trade with these 5 unique DARA bots. These trusted digital Trading Partners will help you to make the best trading decisions by scanning the markets 24/7, finding the patterns to trade and executing the correct strategy rules for you.



I trade the markets using Japanese candlestick trading patterns.

dara round1.png


I analyse the Forex market to find the strongest and weakest currencies.

Round dara 8.png


I trade the markets using Japanese candlestick patterns on intra-day charts.

Round dara 9.png


I trade Japanese candlestick patterns on Crypto-currencies.

dara round3.png


I trade market fake-outs.

Interact with other DARA traders 👋

Strong trading community. Chat with other DARA traders and ask questions to DARA Mentors in DARA Algo Turtles chat room.