Podcast interview - How To Dominate 4 Markets At Once w/ Ivo Luhse founder of DARA TRADE

Key Lessons

  • [07:07] Why do I need to do all the work myself if I can get the bots do those things for me?

  • [09:50] You need to look at quite a lot of stuff to have good consistency.

  • [11:14] If you’re gonna trade day in and day out, it has to make sense to you.

  • [11:41] It’s really, really important to continue using the same strategy.

  • [15:37] For the next 10 – 20 years we could use the bots as tools and enhance them along with our knowledge.

  • [16:06] I don’t allow my bots to trade automatically.

  • [21:20] The only way you can get the experience is when you actually go on a trade and press the button saying yes or no.

  • [23:17] Blackbox trading doesn’t work anymore.

  • [29:31] Bitcoin is designed to be slow. This is its main protection mechanism.

  • [34:11] If you have Bitcoin then definitely just hold on to it.