Answers to common DARA questions

  • Why am I receiving duplicate notifications from DARA?

    This is because you have more than one same symbol chart on the same timeframe open for this bot. Remove the duplicate charts and just leave a single chart for each symbol on each time frame you are trading.

  • When I update DARA to the latest version, do I need to register my account again?

    No, when you update DARA, there is no need to re-register again.

  • Do I need to have my charts open with DARA to receive notifications?

    Yes, any chart that you are looking to trade needs to be open on your MT4. This also means that if you have saved a chart profile on your MT4 it needs to be open for you to receive trade notifications.

  • Can I move the Sentiment DARA information around on the MT4 Chart?

    Yes, you can, just change the OffsetX and OffsetY from the indicators inputs.

  • Everytime I click the Yes button on Telegram to take a trade, it keeps on sending the alert and doesn’t take the trade.

    This is because your MT4 Auto-Trading button is turned off.

  • When I load a Satoshi chart, it keeps on removing from the chart?

    Disable the Round number filter as round numbers do not work on all symbols, mainly on Indexes and Crypto. Check Experts tab for errors.

  • When I load any template it says my licence has expired.

    Your MT4 account is not activated, please email admin@dara.trade and one of our team members will activate it.

  • I can not connect DARA to telegram, what am I doing wrong?

    Make sure you have created a telegram username first. Then check that you have placed a space between the connect command and your account number. /connect *your account number* Finally, check that you telegram input is ON for your MT4 DARA bot.

  • What are the links for each of the bots on Telegram?
  • I got a message on the telegram that my account is already connected but I'm not getting any trade messages even though I see signals on my MT4?

    This can be caused if you changed your telegram username. For security reasons, only 1 telegram username can be connected to any one account.

    Please contact the administrator at admin@dara.trade to remove the old telegram username connection.

  • Why does Satoshi DARA Expert Advisor start working at 00:05 instead of 00:00

    This is because the market is still closed on some brokers during that time.

  • Why I'm getting message "Licensing server connection error'

    This means your PC is not connected to the internet or has a poor connection. Try restarting your bots. If you get this message frequently use a VPS

  • I can't install DARA - I get access denied error.

    Run the installer as an administrator and temporarily disable the firewall.