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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the 30-Day Guarantee work?

    We know DARA works wonders it has for us. But if for any reason during the first 30-days you decide that DARA is not for you - We'll give you a full refund no problem.

  • What is the minimum recommended trading capital?

    There is no minimum, you can trade with DARA with as little as $500. Start small to build your confidence trading with bots.

  • On what trading platform DARA works?

    DARA is an Expert Advisor built for the MT4 trading platform. MT4 is the worlds most used trading platform for Forex traders and you can download it for FREE from most Forex brokers.

  • What Forex Broker can I use?

    You can trade DARA with any forex broker that offers the MT4 trading platform. If you're looking for broker recommendations, please CONTACT US and we'll happily suggest Forex brokers we trade with.

  • What steps are necessary to Start trading with DARA?

    We recommend practising first on a demo account. You can open a MT4 demo account for FREE in less than 5 minutes directly from MT4. Sign up with one of our plans and you will be trading with DARA in no time. Just have your phone handy so DARA can start sending you trade messages.

  • What is VPS and do I need one?

    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. For best performance, we recommend running DARA on a Forex VPS unless you have a dedicated workstation at home with fibre internet connection where you can run the MT4 trading platform 24h a day. If you're looking for VPS recommendations, please CONTACT US and we'll happily suggest Forex VPS we use.

  • Can I adjust the risk?

    Yes, of course, you can instruct DARA to trade with as low as $20 or 0.01 lots.

  • Can I practice first?

    Yes, of course. In fact, we strongly recommend that you start trading only on a Demo account first. And only move on to live trading with real money when you have gained the necessary experience.

  • How often DARA trades?

    It is completely up to you. DARA can be as active as you wish. You can trade all the trading strategies at the same time on as many currency pairs as you want, giving you multiple trading opportunities every day. However, when starting out, we recommend you take it step by step and start with one strategy and then add more strategies and currency pairs over time.

  • What are the strategies DARA trades?

    DARA team consists of traders and developers with decades of trading experience. All the trading strategies DARA has been coded for are proven and tested manual trading strategies that have stud the test of time and are traded by Professional traders. As a DARA member, you will learn the various trading strategies from video lessons and live trading webinars.

  • Can I instruct DARA to trade fully automatically?

    Yes, once you have gained the necessary experience and confidence DARA has an option to take all the trades fully automatically as specified by you.

  • How many trading accounts can I connect to DARA?

    You can connect 3 trading accounts to DARA with the Algo Master Plan

  • Can I trade manually on the same account alongside DARA?

    Yes, you can place your own manual trades as well. Each trade is assigned a special 'magic number' so DARA can recognise which trades are your trades and which trades DARA placed.

  • Can I add DARA to my existing MT4 account?

    Yes, you can.


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