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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Credit Card to sign up?

Nope, our Lite plans are completely FREE 😀

Can DARA send trade deals automatically to my broker?

Yes, you can send trade deals automatically to any MT4 broker. MT5 and cTrader integrations are coming soon without extra charge to you.

Will DARA work with my broker?

Yes, DARA will send you trade signal notifications to you with order Entry, Stop Loss, Take Profit and Lot size - just enter the orders on your brokerage account manually. Or you can integrate with MT4 trading platform to place the trade deals automatically on your brokerage account.

What is the min capital required to run a strategy?

There is no minimum. You can start a strategy with as low as $10 risk per signal.

How many signals per day will I get? 

It varies a lot based on the strategy and patterns you select. Markets and time frames you select and of course current market conditions. For an end-of-the-day strategy you can expect 1-3 signals per day For an intra-day strategy you can expect 3-5 signal per day. 

What is the performance of the signals?

Create a free account and run strategy backtests to see strategy performance statistics

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