DARA TRADE is accepting applications from traders to day trade with our new Decision-Aiding-Robo-Advisors. Robert Cowles will train a small group of traders over a 16-week period on day trading strategies and Algo trading concepts. You will be taught everything you need to know to have sucess day trading with the latest trading bots. Prior trading experience will be considered but is not necessary. Applicants should have good computer skills but programming is not required.

The cost of Roberts training is $1,188.00 (This includes access to DARA the software for 12-months)

To apply to trade with Robert fill out the application form below:

Trader Survey *
Trader Survey
There are no right or wrong answers. Your answers will help us to assess how ready you are for Algo trading.
To Make money as a trader you have to know what the market is going to do next.
Sometimes I find myself thinking that there must be a way to trade without having to take a loss.
Making money as a trader is a primary function of my analysis
Losses are an unavoidable component of trading.
My Risk is always defined before I enter a trade.
I wouldn't even bother putting on the next trade if I wasn't sure that it was going to be a winner.
To Make money as a trader you need to be right more often than you're wrong.
A very high percentage of trades should be profits
The most important component in traders ability to accumulate money is having a belief in his own ability
The most important component in traders ability to accumulate money is the trading strategy.
I always have an exit plan for my trades before I enter them.
10 losing trades in a row means the trading strategy is no longer profitable
A successful trader should be making profits every month.
A trader learns more from his losses than his profits.
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