LESSON 3 - Forex VPS

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS is a cloud-based computer that can run your MT4 trading platform. For DARA to scan the markets and trade 24h a day you need MT4 trading platform running 24h a day connected to a stable internet connection. This is where Forex VPS can help. VPS is always connected to a superfast internet and you can access your VPS from a computer or phone anywhere in the world. Even if you lose power or internet connection at home, DARA will continue trading for you. VPS also improves the security since only you will have access to your Forex VPS

For best performance, we recommend running DARA on Forex VPS unless you have a dedicated workstation at home with fibre internet connection where you can run MT4 trading platform 24h a day without someone tampering with it.

MAC user?

MT4 trading platform is Windows ONLY program. So for MAC users, Forex VPS is the only solution. ( Unless you want to run Parallels on your MAC)


We use ForexVPS.net This VPS provider have the servers optimized specifically for trading on MT4 making it a perfect fit for DARA. 100% up-time Guarantee and low latency their Forex VPS are excellent for algo trading. MT4 installation files and DARA installation files located on Forex VPS desktop make the installation of DARA a breeze.

ForexVPS.net prices start from $30 per month