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About your host

Ivo is the Founder and CEO of DARA, an App that helps traders to make better trading decisions in the markets by utilising AI

Ivo has been trading the markets for 15 years and building trading bots since 2014

He lives in Dublin, Ireland with his beautiful wife and 2 gorgeous children, and he's excited to show you DARA on Thursday 😉

☝️Ivo Luhse - CEO & Founder of DARA

☝️Ivo Luhse - CEO & Founder of DARA

Here are the details of the live demo…

  • Demos are held on Wednesdays at 9:30am GMT

  • It is an interactive Zoom webinar and you can ask questions to the host live

  • You’ll get details about where to join as soon as you register

  • We’ll email you a reminder one day and one hour before the demo

  • Every attendee will get a webinar replay link emailed after the event